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Melomanes consortium will gather in Oslo (Norway), in April 2024. The events include the mid-term progress meeting, and trainings for the doctoral researchers.

The provisional schedule is as follows, and may be updated:

  • Monday 15 April
    • 10am to 5:30pm: Consortium meeting (in presence of the EU project officer)
    • 7:30pm: Consortium dinner at Café Skansen, Rådhusgata 32, 0151 Oslo
  • Tuesday 16 April
    • 9am to 4pm: Consortium meeting, focus on the scientific progress
    • 4pm to 5pm: Introduction to the skill workshop, by Andreas Riel
    • Evening: social activity (more details will follow)
  • Wednesday 17 April
    • 9am to 11am: Strategical approach of communication, by Sofia Gaio (PIs are encouraged to attend)
    • 11am to 2pm: Workshop on the Science & Society dialogue approach, by Michiel van Oudheusden, Willemine Willems and Ayush Shukla (PIs are encouraged to attend)
    • 2pm to 5:30pm:  Workshop on the key skills for a Melomanes PhD, by Andreas Riel (PIs are encouraged to attend)
  • Thursday 18 April
    • 9am to 5pm: Workshop on the use of communication techniques to enhance and promote scientific projects, by Sofia Gaio
  • Friday 19 April
    • 9am to 11am: Round-table discussions with melanoma patients and clinicians
    • 11am to 2pm: Workshop on data management, by Anastasios Papadiamantis (speaker online, participants on-site)
    • 2pm to 4pm: Group activity on communication, provisional

Hotel in Oslo

Melomanes partners are strongly adviced to book a room at Thon Hotel Gyldenløve
It is in the city centre, 20min away from Oslo University Hospital, where the meeting and trainings will take place.

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